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Rudy's journey

A happy dog's new life

Rudy's journey

recovery day 3

January 30th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Today was day three since surgery on Wednesday. Every day Rudy seems to be getting better:) He’s really amazing me! Today he seemed more relaxed and I could see that his facial expressions seemed more like the ‘normal’ Rudy roo. I know he’s feeling much better since today was the second day he got up to go bark at the mail man and look out the window! He’s been eating a bit but he’s caught on to how I was giving him his meds.  So now he moves the food around before he decides it’s ok to eat!

It seems so weird to me to see such a large (franken-roo) incision on his hind, but he doesn’t seem to really notice it. I never thought that I would have a tripawd dog and I’m so grateful that this wonderful dog of mine has taught me not to be so afraid. I am definitely the worrisome mom though and have not been sleeping well because I’m up at every move or sound he makes. I don’t want him to slip or fall but so far he seems to be figuring it out, slowing but surely.

 Today one of us said the word p-a-r-k and he looked as us with his wide open eyes and his ears perked with that ‘I’m ready to go when ever you are!’ look. Not yet goofy! So the next best thing was to go out to the back yard and  just hang out in the grass. Oh and I never thought I would be reporting that I was so happy to see him poop without any help!

It’s been slow and a bit challenging but I have to say that we are going to be all right.

Rudy and I have to thank everyone again for all the encouragement and well wishes:) 


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3 Comments so far ↓

  • etgayle

    glad to hear rudy is doing so well – our tripawds certainly have alot to treat us about being brave and living in the moment. hope all continues to go well…you’ll be back at the p-a-r-k before you know it!!

    charon & gayle

  • fightingforsammy

    yay! That is really great that Ruby is doing so well. Keep up the good work 🙂
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  • CatiesMom

    He MUST be feeling better to bark at the mailman already! Our guy had a respite for a while – Catie really wasn’t that interested for some time. Naturally, I was SO happy when she resumed her old and noisy place as protector at the front window. 🙂

    Happy Rudy is doing so well. It’s a bit of a tedious and worrisome haul, those two weeks of recovery. And by the way – we’ve all done the happy first-poop dance!! I don’t think there’s a tripawd pawrent who didn’t obsess over bodily eliminations after surgery.

    Sick, really. 🙂

    The park awaits, Rudy! All in good time. Keep on healing.

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