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Rudy's journey

A happy dog's new life

Rudy's journey


January 27th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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First day after surgery and we have a tripawd Rudy dog!  We’re so exhausted but doing good. Yesterday morning Rudy went in for surgery to remove his little rear leg (he wasn’t using it much anyway!). When we went to pick him up I was excited to see him and nervous not knowing what to expect. When we walked in he was just hanging out getting some fluids in an IV.  His tail was wagging and he had a groggy medicated smile on his face, he was feeling good.  

Rudy didn’t seem to have to much of a problem getting up and wanted to go hopping out the nearest door! I’m sure he thought, OK my parents are here time to go! He seemed to have a little bit of trouble when he realized he didn’t have a fourth leg balance on. Rudy was walking on three legs! Amazing! My heart filled with joy! It wasn’t easy for him to be walking/hopping, his good rear leg seemed to tire easily and we had to make him stop and take a break. At one point I tried to help him balance and without thinking touched the area near his amputation! Ouch!! Rudy yelped and my heart jumped! Ok lesson one, don’t do that again!  Next it was time to get into the car, we had that carrier thing to but under his chest and help him up the ramp.  Oh man we did it again, the carrier slipped and rubbed against his tender area! Another yelp! Oh man I was getting nervous and I could see a flicker of uncertainty in my husbands eyes.  My heart sank.  All this in a matter of minutes. Rudy just sat waiting, looking at us like we were making it a bigger deal of all this than it really was, silly humans.  Alright lets get Rudy up the ramp, 3,2,1 go!  Yeah we did it!

Driving home my husband and I began discussing how we were going to get Rudy up the stairs, let alone up and down to go out to go potty.  This was not an easy discussion, we both had trouble coming up with a game plan of what would work.  Emotions running high.  Phone call to my mom. Can we come stay with you and pa? Your house doesn’t have stairs to negotiate….

We arrive home and decide to leave Rudy in the car while we run in to pack up our stuff. We didn’t want to got through the whole ramp ordeal if we didn’t have to.  On the way to my mom and pops we hear Rudy crying in the back.  Oh no, what’s wrong is he ok?  I pull off the freeway and into a parking lot. Rudy needs to get out and pee.  Here we go again with the ramp!  Out he comes no problem, but his rear leg is tired and wobbly. Rudy does his business in an awkward stance and smiles at us. Ok back up the ramp. yeah! Rudy gives his all and with some assistance from us he’s back in the car. Wow! Now back on the road….

We arrive at my parents house and set up Rudy’s bed.  Rudy gets yummy treats and takes a nap.  We are all exhausted. I’m so happy that Rudy still his his same spirit and goofy smile.  This past evening took so much strength, but we’re going to be ok.  We had a few speed bumps and I’m sure we’ll have some more. 

I have to thank everyone here again for their support.  We couldn’t have come this far with out all of you.  I will keep everyone updated and post pictures later.  Rudy’s officially a tripawd.

Riley’s mom if your reading this, I know you go in for surgery today. We are thinking of you and Riley, sending positive loving energy.

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  • admin

    Welcome home Rudy! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • CatiesMom

    Whew. I was waiting for news of your big goofy boy. Welcome home, new Tripawd Rudy. I know how exhausted you all are.

    Get some rest, everypawdy.

    Sending healing wishes for a smooth recovery!

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