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Rudy's journey

A happy dog's new life

Rudy's journey

just starting down this road…

January 24th, 2011 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi everyone,

First of all I have to thank every one here for being so open and sharing their experience. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster since finding out that our Rudy, 11yr old german shepard/lab/(rottie?) mix, has bone cancer.  It felt like a ton of bricks hit me when I heard my vet say those words.  How could that be?  We thought that limp in his back leg, was arthritis.  He had hurt this same leg a few years ago running around like a crazy man at the beach.  We were just going to the vet for a checkup and yearly shots.  I wanted to get his back leg checked out too since he had recently started limping.  I thought maybe he hurt it again by playing and running with a dog friend and maybe overextended himself.

We had x-rays and a bone biopsy done and we were faced with making a decision. We’ve decided to amputate his affected leg.  I’m scared and I pray every day for the strength to get through this.  Rudy is one of those dogs that just smiles and has a great attitude.  I’m trying to learn from him!  My husband has learned very quickly from Rudy.  Me on the other hand is another story.  Like I said it’s been an emotional roller coaster.  I think now I’m doing better since we made the decision to take his little leg off.  Reading several entries on tripawds have helped me immensely!

Rudy is scheduled for surgery this wednesday (please send your positive energy!).  He’s not going to be happy when we leave him at the vets office! But this will help relieve the pain he’s been in and that will make us all happy.  I know Rudy will recover fine, he’s already been walking on three legs so that should be an easier transition.  As far as the surgery and getting around the house I’m trying to stay level headed.  I have so many questions and thoughts!  How are we going to get him in the car when we pick him up after surgery? Rudy weighs about 95 lbs. How are we going to get him up the stairs when we get home?  I ordered a carrier type thing from fosters and smith, so that should help. What if he thinks he still has his leg and tries to balance himself and falls!  My husband keeps telling me not to worry, we’re all in this together. I know after reading other entries that we’ve all had these same questions.  Rudy is such a lover and such a happy dog. He’s been through a lot with me over the years.  Rudy is like my son, I know everyone can relate to that, and I just want him to be ok.

Thanks tripawds for this outlet.


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  • admin

    Welcome and thanks for joining! Rudy may just surprise you and need no help at all. Most important is for your to remain strong for him. Dogs are incredibly resilient creatures, but if you express worry, doubt and fear, Rudy will follow your lead and the recovery roller coast will be a long bumpy ride.

    You’ll find lots of recovery and care tips in Jerry’s Required Reading List, and for immediate answers to the most common dog amputation questions download the new Tripawds e-book Three Legs and A Spare.

    PS: By blocking search engines as you have in your Privacy settings, the Tripawds community will not get notified of your updates in the site-wide recent Posts widgets. Consider making your site “available to everyone” or, start a new forum topic and post a reply with a link every time you publish a new post here.

  • CatiesMom

    Welcome. Sorry to hear about Rudy’s diagnosis but glad you found this site.

    Rudy’s story is so achingly familiar. Unexplained bout of lameness. A whirlwind of tests, the bandying about of the word “osteosarcoma,” the devastation of the confirmation of cancer, the options, the surgery booking. Wow. Been through all that. It’s tough for us humans to absorb all of that, especially since our furry children are so oblivious, really, to all that’s going on and what’s on the horizon.

    Rudy will amaze you. I just know he will. Try to calm your fears and just love that boy. He doesn’t know he has cancer; he just knows he’s in pain. Catie had her front right leg and shoulder amputated last year in January; she adapted with astounding ease and Golden flair. Your boy will do the same.

    I’ll be thinking of you on Wednesday. In the meantime, sending you an abundance of positive energy.

    And remember to breathe. 🙂

  • Riley

    We just started this journey a few weeks ago and Rileys surgery is scheduled for Thursday this week….so I know (as does every single person here) the emotional roller coaster you are on….
    Riley did the limping thing on and off for years and was diagnosed with cancer in December. We would take her into the vet too and every time they would say she plays to hard, she strained it or its arthritis….and when they finally said “oh we now think its cancer” the bottom of my world fell out…

    I have to say the support I have gotten here with all the people encouraging me and giving me tips on getting me through this nightmare have made it so much more bearable….so please keep us all posted…we would really like to know that everything is ok….

    PS….where was the picture taken?

  • rudyroo

    To Catiesmom thank you so much for your kind words. It helps to know I’m not alone. Your Catie sounds like a sweet girl. It’s funny to me how I already feel your positive energy:)

    Hi Riley’s mom. It seems as if we have been going though the same things recently. And also we will be going through our recovery during the same time frame. I will be thinking of you and Riley on Thursday, sending positive energy.
    You asked about the photo. That photo was taken about a year ago near Mendocino, CA. We were checking out the tide pools and Rudy was just hanging out watching us.

    To admin, thank you for your encouraging words and tips.

    I am so grateful to hear from all of you today:)


  • linnea

    We will be sending lots of positive thoughts to Rudy tomorrow (and you, too). Rudy looks like such a happy dog! With that great outlook and his loving family, I’m sure he will bounce right back on his three healthy legs. We are just one week out from Linnea’s amputation. It is such a similar story – a limp that we thought was a strained muscle or some other minor issue, then being blindsided by the cancer diagnosis. This will be a tough time for you guys, but before long it will get better. We are rooting for Rudy!

    • rudyroo

      Hi Linnea,

      Thank you for your words of encouragement:) I’m nervous but I’m looking forward to getting over this bump in the road and seeing me Rudy smile!

  • etgayle

    we’re sending our best ‘juju’ your way, hoping for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. our tripawds are so adaptable, it’s us humans who are stuck in the ‘what ifs’…. follow rudy’s lead, and you will be fine…he will be the best teacher you’ve ever had.

    charon & gayle

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